How do I know what flowers to order from a florist? Print
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Flower shops are a treasure trove of arrangement styles, new flower and plant varieties and gift items. Here are a few tips on working with your florist to create a truly personalized gift:

  • Tell your florist about the recipient's personality. 
    • Is the recipient a dramatic person? Or perhaps romantic, artistic, traditional or outdoorsy?
    • What are some of his or her hobbies and interests?
    • Do you know the recipient's favorite color or flower?
    • The simple selection of a flower in the recipient's favorite color can really personalize an arrangement. Take the Society of American Florists' Floral Signature Quiz to determine the floral personality of the recipient.
  • If you are ordering flowers for someone's home, what is the home like? Is it traditional? Or perhaps casual, Victorian, country or contemporary?

Florists are experts at the art of expression. Let your florist help you look great by creating a highly personalized gift.

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